Related Projects and Links

The Financial Secrecy Index site may provide the biggest single resource in terms of data published on secrecy jurisdictions, but many others have worked in this area. This page provides a collection of useful reports and links.


Tax Justice Network. Contains large volumes of research and analysis, including blog updated daily with news from around the world.

Global Alliance for Tax Justice. Comprises the five regional networks of Africa, Latin America, Asia-Australia, North America and Europe, which collectively represent hundreds of organisations.

Other Tax Justice partners around the world.

Tax Research Blog. Analysis from former Tax Justice Network (TJN) Senior Adviser Richard Murphy, with a strong but not exclusive UK focus.

Financial Transparency Coalition. With regular news and updates from this major global coalition.

Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT) coalition. US-based network exposing individuals and corporations that use offshore tax havens.

Offshore Watch. Regular updates from the offshore world.

Financial Secrecy Media Monitor. This blog monitors the media in secrecy jurisdictions, with a focus on secrecy-related news.

Global Witness. In-depth research reports and forensic analysis with a heavy focus on tax haven business.

Stop Paradis Fiscaux, a French-language group focused on tackling dirty money.

Key Reports

For a regularly updated reference to the latest reports, see this section on the TJN website.